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Aldrington CE Primary School

Year 3 Roman Day

Year 3 had a wonderful day learning about the Romans. This report has been written by Seb and Max.

On Monday 21st September, I and the rest of Year Three enjoyed the visit of David (who said he was a Roman). We spent the day in the school hall and our playground learning all about the Romans and how they changed Britain for ever!

Firstly, we had a look at a Roman empire map. We listened to the centurion as he told us about the strong Roman empire and how it got much bigger. We also looked at the toilets and baths. I’m happy not to be a Roman! We looked at shields, armour and a spear (plus a broken one) and it was cool!

Secondly, we came out and formed a tortoise on the playground. We did lots of cool shield fighting and it was very fun. We fought David in a shield war (and Mr Starcross too!) in groups of two. Then we slept under shields and we had a bit of a laugh!

Next we went back into our classrooms, made something with clay and played Roman games including Ducks and Geese. We dressed up and played with wax tablets. We dragged the toy horses. It was very, very exciting. I was soooo sad to go home because I wanted to do some more Roman stuff! Overall it was fantastically fantastic!