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Aldrington CE Primary School

Year 6 Trip to Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve

 Review by Nathaniel - Year 6

The Year 6 students all made up our choice of sandwiches for our packed lunches and then we travelled by coach to Lewes. I sat next to Rami on the coach.

After a night of very little sleep I think the whole year group were feeling really tired!

When we arrived we were given a tour by a very nice lady who explained what there was to see. 

It probably wasn’t the most exciting school trip I have ever been on but we learned how the river works and I enjoyed doing the pond dipping. 

It was interesting to see the different plants and cool to see and learn about the different creatures that live in the water. 

My group (me, Joshi, Eden, Immy and Silvie-Rae) caught a newt and a flatworm.

The highlight of the trip was when Indigo’s shoe got stuck in the mud.  She tried to hold on to me to balance but when I stepped back she fell in the mud which was highly amusing (possibly not for Indigo).

We returned to school and were collected by our parents.

Several of us crashed out as soon as we got home (Ava).  I made it half way through dinner then went upstairs and fell asleep fully clothed and slept for a solid 12 hours.